Ballet Beautiful Sticker Pack


This is the “BALLET BEAUTIFUL” package for one person.

Each sticker pack contains 2 x Plate stickers, 2 x Box stickers, 1 x Bottle label, 2 x Round stickers, 2 x Cupcake toppers, 1 x Straw tag and 4 x Shape stickers (full descriptions below).  

We recommend you order one sticker pack for each guest. For example, if you invite 10 guests, you should order 10 sticker packs.

Add flag stickers, chips packets and other extras separately to complete your full set of decorations.

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Each sticker pack includes (per person):

2 x Plate Stickers (one large and one small)

Beautifully designed round stickers for paper-, plastic-, melamine or even porcelain plates.  Water-based Latex ink is used which is safe for human touch or even consumption.  Size 160mm diameter and 120mm diameter.

2 x Party Box Stickers

Add another special touch to your party with these stickers, that can be used on party boxes, bags or buckets.  Size 150mm x 100mm.

 1 x Bottle Label

Use these stickers on water bottles, juice boxes or any other item that you would like to have personalised.  Printed on waterproof and tear-resistant vinyl.  Size 220mm x 40mm.

2 x Round Stickers (one is larger and one smaller)

These are one of our most versatile products which can be used on pretty much anything from cups to balloons.  Size 75mm and 65mm in diameter.

2 x Cupcake Toppers

Perfect your party with these toppers, not just for cupcakes but any foods or sweets can be used as the base for these beautiful double-sided decorations.  Size 75mm in diameter.

1 x Straw Tag

These little tags comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the theme to add that special touch which lies in the details.  They are more or less 50mm in diameter.

4 x Shaped Stickers

These cute stickers is relevant to the theme and can be used in any way, on chocolate bars, juice boxes, popcorn boxes – the sky is the limit.  A beautiful addition to your event.

Everything is printed on waterproof and tear resistant high quality vinyl.

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