About Paperwood

Unique and beautifully designed party decoration stickers you can use in any way you need.

Paperwood is a design and print studio priding ourselves in creating beautiful and versatile party decoration sticker packages.  Every item is carefully selected and made with care.  Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to create beautiful events with ease, no more running around and spending unnecessary money.

Everything is printed on high quality poster paper, vinyl or tyvek with a water-based ink. We try to stay as green as we can, and only use Latex Ink, which is a water-based product and completely safe to touch and even consume, making it perfect for party decorations. All information on this you can find on the Eco Page below.

We understand the importance of celebrating with your loved ones

Two things makes us stand out from the crowd.

First we want to make your party planning effortless, as a mom myself, I know all too well how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to track down the perfect party decorations.  We create packages, each package include everything you will need to transform your event into something special, no need to run around anymore.

Secondly we want to help you save, environmentally and financially.  If you are anything like me, you have a bunch of paper plates, balloons, cups etc stashed away from last years party, all it needs is a sticker or a tag to fit in with your party theme, which is where we come in.  Now you can use everything again, most of our decorations are vinyl stickers, which you can use on pretty much anything, even glass, wood and steel.  But what if you don’t have any old party stuff lying around? Still no need to run around to different party shops, plain coloured items will be perfect, add our stickers and voilá.  To make this super easy, we even add a colour chart to your order which you can pop in your bag.
We also offer a range of amazing and creative extra items which you can add to your order, ranging from princess crowns to native headbands.  Each made specifically for a matching theme.

I am also still a graphic designer and I’m always willing to talk about creating extra items for your event, personalising packaged items or designing and printing completely new projects.


To ensure that you can safely and blissfully enjoy every last bit of frosting on your plate, we use only Latex Ink on all our products, a safe and environmentally friendly water-based ink.

Eco Friendly

Latex Ink is inherently the safest of all printer inks available on the market today and offer various health and environmental advantages for both us the printing studio and our customers. Extremely high standards are met with Latex Ink being both UL ECOLOGO and UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified.

For more information please visit: https://www8.hp.com/za/en/commercial-printers/latex-printers/ink-media.html

ECOLOGO® Certified products, services and packaging are certified for reduced environmental impact. ECOLOGO Certifications are voluntary, multi-attribute, life cycle-based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing, exhaustive auditing or both, to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party, environmental performance standards.

The majority of everyday chemical exposure in people occurs through the air we breathe in our homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments. These airborne chemicals are commonly referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are used to manufacture and maintain building materials, interior furnishing, cleaning products and personal care products.